Xia Du (Experience Designer)
Yanci Wu (Experience Designer)


Concept Ideation
Concept Video (Copywriting, filming and editing)
UX and Visual Design


Voice assistants like the Amazon Echo are becoming increasingly popular, but its functionality is limited to performing command and utility based tasks. So we asked: can we make it more human?

We thought that its natural language platform, machine learning algorithms, and “infinite patience” were perfect tools to help seniors combat social isolation and cognitive decline. So we designed an AI named Emma that is specialized in assisting seniors who live alone. Emma coexists with Alexa in the Echo, and can be woke up by hearing its name.


The entry is one of the five winners of Future Lions 2016.

System Design

The Emma concept can be manifested in different ways. I explored one of the possibilities, which consists of a system of three interfaces, with voice being the main interaction platform, a wearable collecting biometric data, and an app dedicated to data archive and customization.

Graphic Interface Design


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