Troy Gary (Creative Brand Manager)
Eric Anderson (Strategist)
Liwen Xu (Art Director)
Tony Avila (Art Director)
Caroline Gallalee (Copywriter)
Yanci Wu (Experience Designer)


Concept Ideation
Packaging Design
Digital Experiences

Challenge + Strategy

We were tasked to raise the profile of Tetra Fish Products and drive sales. Tetra is the market leader and an established thought leader in the category. Our team determined that if we can sell more people on the hobby of Fishkeeping, Tetra would see a boost in their public perception and bottom line.


Fishkeepers view their hobby as one of the world’s most challenging yet rewarding. Every decision they make is a life or death one for the fish. The tank gives them a sense of complete control and ultimately,
they feel like the Gods of their own tiny universe. We changed Tetra’s tagline “We care about water” to “The Aquaverse is yours.” By introducing the concept of Aquaverse, we are transforming Tetra from a technology company into life style company.



The Tetra logo hasn’t been updated in nearly 60 years. It has grown outdated and no longer stands out on the shelves. We wanted to launch Tetra into the 21st century with a refreshed look. The new identity elicits a feeling of bold simplicity, while maintaining an air of sophistication and authority.

Packaging Redesign

It’s incredibly difficult to identify which brand Tetra is, let alone the particular product that you would need. In an effort to better capitalize on our shelf space, we decided to redesign the product portfolio. The new packaging system streamlined the products into three categories: water treatments, foods and decorations. The color palette is bold against a sea of highlighter colors and helps identify Tetra quickly.

Product Innovation

Build, design, and spray. Safe Clay + Safe Coat helps fish lovers take their Aquaverse creation to the next level.

Reimagined Food

A pepper grinder model that keeps food fresh and fingers clean.

Digital Experience


In order to get people over the hump and into Fishkeeping, we redesigned the website, transforming it from a digital catalog to a fish lover’s adventurous hub. Users can learn, build, and buy all in one place.


Finished tanks can be shared to social media, effectively operating as native content and advertising for Tetra.

Introducing TetraSwim


One of the biggest barriers to fishkeeping is the lack of interact with the fish. We wanted to create something that would give fishkeepers the ability to both explore the world they’ve created and interact with their fish. TetraSwim is a Chapstick sized device to be placed in an aquarium. With a remote control and VR headset, users can virtually swim with their fish.


“Best In Show” –  Richmond Ad Show (Student Show), 2017